Four Bulkley Valley farmers have joined forces to bring fantastic, farm-raised meat to other NW communities!

You can click a farm name below for more info about that farm & their animals.

You can check out "the process for ordering meat" (below the farms) for more details about how it all works.

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Process for ordering meat if you live west Smithers:

* You can choose any type and cut that is in stock from any of the farms.

* We will deliver to your town as soon as the orders weigh enough to justify the drive.

* We will let you know several days (a week or more if possible) before we are planning to deliver.

* You will need to meet us at a central location on the date & time scheduled (we'll have a window of several hours so it shouldn't be inconvenient).

* You will need to bring:
       1)  a container to take your meat home (bag or box -- all the meat will be properly wrapped of course);
       2)  a credit card (Mastercard, Visa, or American Express); or
       3)  cash; or
       4)  if your order totals less than $100, a tap-debit card (we can't swipe debit cards).

* Your payments will be processed on the "Square" system, which is secure, and will show on your card statement as paid to "Narnia Farms".  Narnia will distribute the full payment to each farmer for her meat.

* Deposits will be required for large orders.

* You can cancel your order at any time prior to us contacting you with our delivery date.  Deposits on large orders will be forfeited however.

* Ordering will take a few steps because every cut of meat has a different weight.
      1)  You fill out the order form with the approximate quantity of each item you want & e-mail it back.
      2)  Each farmer will find the best match for the items you requested and then fill in the exact weight.
      3)  We will calculate the total cost, plus shipping and e-mail the form to you.
      4)  You can accept the order or amend it, then send it to us again.
      5)  Once it's all finalized, we'll confirm that with you so there's no confusion.

Narnia Farms

Please scroll down or click on the Order Form (above) to see a list of meat currently available.

We do not have pigs this year (2018).


*  From November 2017 (these were 6 month old goats) -- $8.50/lb cut & wrapped, $12.50 for boneless
           -- choose from shoulder roasts, leg roats, spare ribs, chops, stew meat, shanks

* Several yearling does will be going to the abattoir this spring (they are horned and are unsafe with the rest of the dehorned herd) -- they may not be as tender as younger goat meat is, but fine for slow cooking (soups, stews, etc) -- $6.00/lb hanging weight (abattoir & cut/wrap fee incl)

* A bit of boneless stew meat left from Fall 2016 -- $10/lb (it is packed in 2lb packs though)

* Pre-order for the Fall 2018 harvest -- whole goat $7.00/lb hanging weight (abattoir & cut/wrap fee incl)
             -- individual cuts $8.50/lb (bone-in)
             -- boneless stew meat $12.50/lb

Cutting & Wrapping:  many customers like their goats prepared as a lamb it (shoulder roasts, leg roasts, spare ribs, chops, stew meat, shanks), but you can also ask for any of the meat to be stew meat (or even have it all as stew meat).  There are three excellent butchers in town and I alternate based on scheduling.  If you have a preference for a particular butcher, please let me know when you order and I will try to arrange it.

About Us

In 1985 Jocelyn Pearce started an organic herb farm near Smithers, British Columbia, Canada.  Soon the gardens were producing in abundance and Jocelyn began creating organic food and natural body-care products from her plants & herbs.  The business became quite large (including two retail stores for several years), but has become more focused since Jocelyn retired.  She is a woman of boundless energy who is always working:  now in her mid-80's she still spins, knits, and supervises all the gardening.

Lyn (Jocelyn's daughter) added dairy goats to the animals on the farm in 2008.  We now have a lovely, mixed herd from which we glean milk, meat, fabulous land-clearing assistance, and endless enjoyment. 

In 2012, 2013, 2015, and 2017 we raised pigs too; goat milk-fed, pasture raised pork is delicious!  If our garden expansion works as we hope, we will not be raising pigs in the future.  (For more information about the goats, please go to the "About Our Goats & Chevon" page.)

In 2013, Jocelyn found that she could no longer make the food and body products on her own.  Since Lyn was too busy with the animals to make the products and attend the Farmers' Market to sell them, we decided to cease production.  It was a really hard decision -- after 20+ years of developing them!  And, in fact, the decision didn't hold.  We couldn't manage the schedule for the Farmers' Market, so we started an artists' co-op store.  It has been open every November and December for three years now (2015-2017) and it has been great -- over 30 local artists all selling their work and receiving all of the proceeds.   The store is called "Out of Hand" and is on Facebook (the website is under construction).  You can also see photos of some of Jocelyn's amazing knitted toys at:  www.toysbyjocelyn.wordpress.com

Two decades after Jocelyn started, our goal is still to
maintain our land and our animals as naturally and organically as possible.

We are always happy to answer questions.