About Chevon

What is it?  Chevon is the proper name for goat meat and applies to any cut (it's like saying "beef" or "pork").  Chevon has a mild taste, a tender texture, and is incredibly healthy (please see the chart below if you want details on just how healthy!).  Many Canadians have never tasted Chevon or have tasted a wild and often "gamey" version that may not have been cooked properly.  We can tell you, and we're telling it like it is, that our customers have loved the meat they bought from us.  Does anyone not like chevon?  Well, in one family, the children didn't, but so far those are the only ones.

How should you cook it?  If you purchase ground meat or bratwurst, you can fry it just like hamburger.  If you choose stew meat or a roast, it should be cooked slowly -- in a stew or low-temperature oven.  "Low & slow" are the by-words to get tender, succulent results.

Do you need special recipes?  No.  We have substituted it into all of our favourite red-meat recipes from chili to Sloppy Joes to stews of all types and it's been delicious.  If you would like recipes, there are some excellent, inexpensive books available.  For example:  "Goat: meat, milk, cheese" by Bruce Weinstein & Mark Scarbrough which is $31.00 in Canada and is a really good read too - full of facts & tips and Mark's a funny man.

How is the meat processed?  We are incredibly lucky here because a group of farmers formed a co-operative and opened a local abattoir.  When our kids are about 6 months old, we put them in our little trailer and drive them 20 minutes down the road.  From there, the carcasses are cleaned and hung according to all the government requirements and shipped directly to the butcher of our choice.  Again, we are blessed with several excellent local butchers who cut the meat to our request and call us when it is ready.  We pick it up frozen and put it directly into the freezers in our kitchen.  We deliver it to you frozen.

Can you purchase Cabrito?  Cabrito (milk-fed kid goat, 1-3 months old) can be purchased by prior arrangement.  As for all our goats, we will not sell a live goat for home-slaughter.

Good for the Environment too.  Goats have a small environmental footprint when properly managed.  They prefer to browse and will clear the underbrush from an area, but as long as they aren't allowed to overgraze, they don't kill mature trees.  They love plants that are often considered invasive and difficult to manage, such as thistle, rose bushes, and yarrow.  They do eat grass, but they don't tear it up and they won't graze it down to the roots -- so, there's no need to replant (a process involving soil damage and, usually, fossil fuels) and they don't disturb all the essential organisms that live in the top inch of soil.  They also don't damage the soil itself because they weigh very little and don't root.  Their manure is very healthy for the soil and they spread it naturally as they browse which minimizes the need for machinery to spread manure.  Finally, the babies need little or no grain -- this is important as many modern meat animals consume huge amounts of grain, which is a very energy-intensive way for humans to eat.

What is the price?  

  • $8.50/lb for bone-in stew meat or roasts
  • $12.50/lb for boneless stew meat (this is approx. 1.5 times the meat of bone-in)
  • bratwurst (cased or case-less*) is available by special pre-order
    (*case-less bratwurst removes all effort from cooking -- it is ground with a bit of pork for extra fat and has spices already added, you just pop it in the pot, brown it and Voila! instant burgers, spaghetti sauce, or whatever)
Nutritional Facts (from "Goat: meat, milk, cheese" by B. Weinstein & M. Scarbrough)
Per 6-ounce (170g) serving     Goat     Chicken     Beef     Pork     Lamb
      Calories                             244         324        358      360      350
      Fat (in grams)                     5.2         12.6       15.8     16.4     16.2
      Saturated Fat (in grams)    1.58         3.4          6.0      5.8       5.8
      Cholesterol (in mg)           127.6       152       146.2   146.2   156.4