FOR SALE (details & photos below): 

    We will post a list of breedings and "likely for sale's" in January 2016.  We have no goats for sale at the moment (Winter 2015).


    • we will be castrating all our bucklings again, so if you wish to purchase one for breeding, please call us right away and we can make arrangements with you
    • we will be allowing all of the babies to nurse from their mothers - it worked well in 2014 & 2015 with healthy, happy babies and mothers
    • we are around our goats constantly and handle them regularly - they are well-socialized
    • we de-worm our goats only in response to evidence that they need such medication
    • we do not give our goats any shots, antibiotics, hormones, etc. unless there is a specific ailment where the vet prescribes something