We are happy to list all of our ingredients on this site and on our packages because we believe that you will be happy to use them even when you know all about them.  Not many body-care producers can say the same.  The only thing we keep to ourselves is exactly which essential oils we use and in what proportions and that's just to try and keep others from duplicating them for sale.

We only use essential oils to scent our body-care products (no artificial fragrances).

We do not use Sodium Laurel Sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate in any of our products.  We have also chosen not to use mineral-based colours in our soaps as we are not completely satisfied that their safety for long-term human skin exposure has been established, nor are we sure it's a good use of a limited resource.


Many of our bags and wrappings are made of vegetable-based biodegradable cellophane.  We also use glass, stainless steel and aluminum jars extensively as they are recyclable almost everywhere.


All of our soap is "cold-processed" which means that we are leaving all of the naturally occurring glycerin in the soap.  Glycerin is a moisturizing agent.  By leaving the glycerin in our soaps, they are all more moisturizing than most commercially produced soaps (from which the glycerin has been removed).

What does "saponified" mean?  It means that the oils have been heated and then added to lye (in our case, we use sodium hydroxide).  The lye acts on the oils in a process called saponification and that is what makes soap.  One has to age the soap for several weeks (we let them sit 4-6 weeks) during which time the oils and lye react with each other so that the resulting soap is safe for skin contact and no lye remains in the soap.

To date, all of our soaps are made with 100% vegetable oils (the specific combination is listed for each soap).  Lyn hopes to add at least one lard-based soap to our product line in 2018.  Why?  Well, because we can source lard locally and we believe there is a strong environmental imperative to do that as often as we can.


Natural Body Care:

The Balm:   soothes irritated skin, helps prevent and ease redness & rashes,
                  excellent for all ages   Examples of uses:  sunburns, babies' 
                  bottoms (both to prevent & to ease diaper rash), rosacea, stinging
                  nettle contacts (Lyn can vouch for this one!)

Baby / Body Powder:  talc-free powders with a delicate scent

Bath Salts - Bergamot Citrus, Chamomile & Clary Sage, Peppermint Eucalyptus,
                   Sweet Earth

Healing Skin Salve - it's hard to say enough about this salve, it is used by
                   mechanics, carpenters, gardeners, farmers...it not only moisturizes,
                   it speeds the sealing of cracks in our skin (ah, winter!) and it has
                   helped several people with other skin problems (i.e. scaly patches,
                   eczema, and persistant itchiness).

Moisturizers - Lavender, Rose Bergamot*, Sandalwood - especially good if you
                       suffer from dry, itchy skin, you only need to use a tiny bit at a
                       time for great results (really!)

Salt Glow - exfoliates & moisturizes, try it once, love it forever, delicious scent

Soaps - Anise - liquorice scent with aloe vera added
             Baby - goat's milk makes this a gentle soap, with chamomile &
                        calendula to soothe skin, very mild scent
             Chai - spicy, invigorating scent
             Complexion - oatmeal as a mild abrasive with chamomile & honey to
                                   soothe skin
             Gardeners' - cornmeal, clay & kelp for cleansing, with St. John's Wort &
                                 tea tree oils for healing
             Goat Milk & Honey - a mild, gentle soap with very little scent
             Kitchen - coffee to neutralize odours, almond oil to moisturize
             Lavender - the beloved scent of lavender with almond oil to moisturize
             Lemon Verbena - true lemony scent entirely from natural essential oils
             Moisturizing - no abrasive ingredients & hemp oil to moisturize
             Peppermint - natural minty scent with almond oil to moisturize
             Pet - please see description under "Pet Care" (below)
             Rosemary - for those who love the refreshing herbal scent of rosemary
             Shampoo - no plastic bottles!  A general purpose hair shampoo that is
                               soap based (no harsh detergents and no SLS or other
             Shaving - lathers easily and allows for a smooth shave with no skin
                             irritation - peppermint or 'regular' scents available
             Silver Fir - balsam fir scent with aloe vera & tea tree oil - excellent for
                              campers & hikers
             Ultimate Men's - a mild, grounded scent with cocoa butter for moisture

Pet & Home Care:

Pet Soap - lathers easily & leaves no residue on your pet's skin, has aloe vera,
                chamomile & tea tree oil for soothing & healing skin

Catnip Mice - hand-knit & stuffed with organic catnip, cats go crazy for these
                      and they still last for months (well, usually!)