Wow!  We're YEARS behind on photos!   It just isn't a priority now that we don't sell stock.  We'll see if we can't get some newer ones up soon - no promises though!



Elijah at 11 months
(Sam x Tiffany) (both registered)
1/2 Alpine, 1/2 Toggenburg

Prince at 11 months
(Caspian x Sadie)
1/2 Cashmere, 1/4 Alpine, 1/4 Nubian

Elijah was an excellent buck for us.  He was eager to breed but wasn't rough with the does.  He hae a 100% conception rate with no need for return breedings.

As you may be able to tell from the photo, he was a large buck (matured at approx 225 lbs) with really good bone and straight legs.  I did not disbud him well enough, so he grew horns, but they didn't seem to cause him any grief (despite one being turned under) and he didn't use them aggressively.

Elijah lived happily with another buck, alone (although he is lonely), and with a herd of does (which he liked best!).  He was an easy-going, agreeable fellow.

He grew a long, Toggenburg coat in the winter and had no trouble staying warm in our cold times.

Sam at 9 months
Toggenburg (Reg #T115827)
"Givernay MM Ironrod"

Sorry about the shadow -- I'm not much of a photographer!

Quincy at 6 months
(Sam x Stella)
1/2 Toggenburg, 1/4 Alpine, 1/4 Nubian

Caspian at 2 years
(Gabriel x Stella)
1/2 Cashmere, 1/4 Alpine, 1/4 Nubian

It's too bad I don't have a full-body picture of Cas as he was a beautiful boy -- he just always came up to talk to me when I appeared with the camera!

Sorry, no photos of Gabriel - I didn't get serious about photos until last Fall when I realized that some people couldn't visit the goats in person to pick their favourite.  I can tell you that Gabe was big & black with an amazing set of curling horns and a very thick coat.