Pretty well stopped updating this page now that we don't sell stock.  I'll see about just posting some more recent photos for the fun of it though.  Let's see how I do....

Lyn, March 2018

Tiffany at 4 years old
Alpine (Reg #CA102885)
"Kersley Kidds Tiffany"

Triplets (2 bucks, 1 doe) on February 18, 2012

Tiff is my amazing goat - she milked through for two years on her first freshening and has had triplets each of the last 3 times!  May 2012:  milking ~12 lbs (almost 6 litres) per day.

Milking records:

  • 08-10 = over 3,000 lbs
  • 10/11 = 2277 lbs in 261 days
                  (nursed kids 1st)
  • 11/12 = 1823 lbs in 180 days
                  (nursed kids 1st & was dried off
                  early due to early due date in 2012)

Lucy at 4 years old
1/2 Alpine, 1/2 Nubian

Triplets on May 4, 2012 (2 does, 1 buck)

Lucy has good conformation and a great udder (well attached and uniform, with good-sized teats).  She had a singleton doe her maiden birthing and then twin bucks last Spring.  May 2012:  milking ~12 lbs per day (almost 6 litres).

Milking Records:

  • 10/11 = 1973 lbs in 287 days
  • 11/12 = 2549 lbs in 285 days

Sadie at 2 years
(Gabriel x Stella)
1/2 Cashmere, 1/4 Alpine, 1/4 Nubian

Triplets on April 27, 2012 (3 does)

Sadie's has a good-sized frame and a fantastic personality, but her udder is mediocre and she's a bit high in the hind end.  She has a thick Cashmere coat and is a very easy keeper in the winter as a result.  Sadie had twins (buck & doe) as a yearling and Molly is so lovely we repeated the breeding for 2012.  May 2012:  milking ~6.5 lbs per day (3 litres).

Milking records:  11/12 = 977 lbs in 285 days

Molly at 11 months
(Caspian x Sadie)
1/2 Cashmere, 1/4 Alpine, 1/4 Nubian

Twins on May 8, 2012 (2 bucks)

Molly loves people, has excellent conformation (including good size, an even topline and a nice wide stance for her back legs) and a thick Cashmere coat.  Unfortunately, Molly had a congested udder after she kidded and so her milk production is minimal so far.

Winni at 3 years old
Toggenburg (Reg #T111505)
"Clear Brook Winifrid"

Triplets on April 22, 2012 (2 bucks & a doe)

Winni was an absolute character as a yearling - she escaped from her pen regularly (& came to find me) until I'd plugged every spot a rabbit could wiggle through!  She has grown up into a lovely, sensible doe with good conformation and a really lovely udder.  She had her first kidding at her breeder's farm and then had twin bucks for me last Spring.  May 2012:  milking ~12 lbs per day (almost 6 litres).

Milking Records: 

  • 10/11 = 1614 lbs in 279 days
                  (arrived here part-way thru)
  • 11/12 = 2500 lbs in 274 days


Cleo at 11 months
(Sam x Tiffany)
1/2 Alpine, 1/2 Toggenburg
Full sister to Elijah

Twins (bucks, ~8lbs each) on May 5, 2012

Great conformation with a good wide stance on her back legs and good size (she's as big as some of my 2-year olds!).  May 2012:  milking ~7lbs (>3 litres) per day.  Lovely udder, but teats are not very big.  Teats will get larger next year, but will never be big.

Iris at 2 years old
Toggenburg (Reg #T115822)
"South West Wind Iris"

Twins on April 19, 2012 (2 bucks)

Iris is the wisest, calmest goat I've ever met and she loves her people.  She was a bit small last year, but has grown nicely over the winter until she is a mid-sized doe.  Her teats were a too small for comfortable hand-milking last year and so she was left to nurse her kid & I dried her off early, but that has improved in her second year -- she is still best-suited for a milker with small hands.  She had a singleton buck last year.  May 2012:  milking ~10 lbs per day (~4.5 litres).

Milking Records:  11/12 = 657 lbs in 125 days

Stella at 4 years old
1/2 Alpine, 1/2 Nubian

Triplets on April 27, 2012 (2 bucks, 1 doe)

I owe Stella an apology for this rather unflattering photo.  She is a lovely goat with a very large body and a great temperment.  Unfortunately, her udder is a bit too pendulous.  She had twins (buck & doe) her first birthing and twins bucks last Spring.  May 2012:  milking ~11 lbs per day (~5 litres).

Milking Records:

  • 10/11 = 2116 lbs in 299 days
  • 11/12 = 2182 lbs in 279 days