Why Choose Narnia Farms Pork?

  • Milk-fed
  • Free ranging in large field
  • No commercial feed
  • No antibiotics/hormones
  • Locally born, raised, butchered
  • It tastes great! (see comments from customers below)

We raised pigs for the first time in 2012.  We bought them as weaners from a local farmer (Swallow Haven Farms) and they had a great life.  The resulting pork is delicious!

We feed a home-mixed blend of mostly locally-grown grains.

By the side, our pork was $4.00/lb in 2017 (a side weighs approximately 100 lbs).  Additional costs are:  the abattoir fee (~$60/pig) and the butcher's fees (which will vary with the cuts you choose.)  Please don't hesitate to contact us for further details.

We are on hiatus in 2018.  Not sure if we'll have them again in 2019 or not...

Prices for Individual Cuts of Pork: 


Bacon:  $7.00/lb

Back Bacon: $7.50/lb

Chops (loin):  $10.00/lb 

Ground:  $4.00/lb

Ham, cured, bone-in:  $8.00/lb  

Ham, cured, boneless:  $8.50/lb  

Ham, fresh:  $7.00/lb  

Ham, steak:  $7.50/lb  

Hocks, cured:  $3.50/lb  

Hocks, fresh:  $2.50/lb  

"Odd Bits" (bones, fat, skin, heart, kidney, liver, tongue...):  $1.50/lb  

Pieces, boneless:  $4.00/lb  

Roast, picnic:  $4.50/lb  

Roast, shoulder or butt:  $5.50/lb

Sausage:  $6.00/lb

Spare ribs:  $5.00/lb

Steaks, shoulder or butt:  $5.25/lb

Tenderloin:  $11.00/lb 

 Customers' Comments:

"We love our pork...it is very good.  We had ribs last night. Yum."  Karen Mitchell, February 2013

"We have been loving the pork.  It's been such a convenience to have it in the freezer and it's of great quality and taste."  Sarah Fitzmaurice, February 2013

No specific quotes from 2015 or 2017, but almost all the feedback was super positive (one new buyer found it too fatty.  It was her first time buying anything but commercially raised).  One returning customer told me she needed to go buy other pork for her pork pies because our pork was "too good to waste in pies!"